Is it OK to Squeeze Spots?  If you have spots you may be wondering whether squeezing pimples makes them better or worse, to here are some guidelines to effective spot picking:

Firstly ensure you have freshly washed squeaky clean skin and hands – spot picking with dirty nails is a guaranty of spreading bacteria and will make spots far worse in the long run!

Steaming your face over a bowl of boiling water with a towel over your head to trap in the steam helps to open pores and soften sebum for easier removal, as does soaking in a hot bath.

Some spots are ok to extract and some should be left well alone! Comedone (blackheads) extractions are carried out by facialist’s and beautician’s during facials and can actually prevent the blocked sebum building up preventing a Papule or Pustule in the future!

When you see visible pus in a spot that is the body sending healing white blood cells to fight infection, and although very inviting for a squeeze needs to be approached with caution as squeezing an infected spot presents a risk of spreading and scarring!

Cystic Acne or any red hard lump under the skin should NEVER be squeezed as this will simply force the underlying infection into surrounding tissue spreading the infection. If you are suffering with Acne see your local doctor who may be able to help with antibiotics or refer you onto a dermatologist. Find an experienced skin specialists for a professional deep clean to help control future outbreaks.

So once you’e prepared your skin ensure you have good lighting and ideally a magnifying mirror, now for the extractions; Always wrap a double layer of clean tissue around your finger nails, (extra caution is needed if you have false or gel nails), apply pressure either side of the blackhead gently squeezing from underneath until it pops out, if the spot doesn’t want to be evicted admit defeat before you damage the surrounding skin! Replace the tissue on your finger tips after every extraction.

Once you have completed you picking session be sure to give your skin another wash and rinse in warm water. A gentle facial scrub to clean those empty pores is a good idea, rinse again. Apply a cleansing mask if you have time, tone or splash with cold water to help minimise any redness. Apply a drop of Tea Tree and a drop of Lavender essential oils to your moisturiser to calm and for their natural anti-bacterial properties (do not use essential oils too close to your eyes).