IPL Hair Removal

For a quick proven method of permanent hair reduction.

Sandalwoods offers you expert treatment with the NHS approved Medical Lynton LUMINA IPL & Laser machine, so you can say goodbye to unwanted hair.

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Do you want to stop worrying about excess hair?

Fed up of waxing, shaving tweezing or threading?

Are ingrowing hairs a problem?

Most people get fed up of having to deal with unwanted hair on a daily or monthly basis.

Why not enjoy the long term benefits of permanent hair reduction for all areas?

Laser & IPL prices start from just £35, please see our price list page for prices to all areas, or call 01993 851551 to book in for a free consultation if you would like more advice.


French Hot Waxing is available for stubborn hair or sensitive skin giving a less painful wax and long-lasting result.

Warm wax is more effective on shorter finer hair growth for a supper smooth hair free finish that will last you weeks.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is effective on all hair types and colours including fine blond & white stubborn hair Permanent Hair removal using Electrolysis from Sandalwoods Skin Clinic in Aston near Witney.

Unwanted hair is a problem for many men and women of all ages. More people have hair permanently removed by electrolysis than you can probably imagine.

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  • Electrolysis by blend method is used where appropriate.


Where can hair be removed from?

Common areas include unwanted facial hair, hair around the nipples, on the abdomen or bikini line. It is also possible to have all the hairs removed from the legs, or the stubble of a mans beard cleared effectively with electrolysis, but Laser or IPL is much better for larger areas – please see Laser / IPL information pages.

Can white/blond hairs be removed?

All hair types and hair colours can be treated effectively with Electrolysis – because we treat the root of the hair directly electrolysis does not require pigment to be present in the hair.

What hair types can be removed with electrolysis?

Fine downy hairs can be treated as well as course thick hairs, no hair growth is too extensive or too strong to be successfully treated by electrolysis. Permanent results will take longer to achieve but they are definitely achievable – it is possible, (and is often done), to permanently remove a man’s beard and moustache by electrolysis;

Will electrolysis hurt?

Electrolysis is not generally painful although there may be some slight discomfort and a feeling of warmth in the area for a short time after treatment.

Is electrolysis safe?

The treatment is approved by the medical profession and you should confirm that your electrologist uses sterile disposable probes, which are recommended by the Public Health Laboratory Service.

You will have a brand new probe for each treatment.