How Often should I Wash My Make-Up Brushes?

I bet you wash most things pretty regularly; your socks, your dishes, yourself – but what about your make-up brushes? Are you using dirty brushes on your face and eyes all of the time – not stopping to think about all of that dirtiness?

So how often should you wash the brushes that you are using on your skin every day; if you bother once a month you’re doing better than most, once a week is great, but bear in mind that if you suffer with spots than washing after every use is going to avoid spreading bacteria from yesterdays breakout back onto todays clean skin!

Make-up brushes build up oil and bacteria between the bristles, but foundation or powder sponges can be even worse, as they pick up more dead skin cells then stay moist from the product providing a perfect incubation for bacteria!

Try applying foundation with clean fingers, or be prepared give a good hot soapy wash and rinse your sponges thoroughly after every use – foundation sponges are best used damp anyway.

If you’re planning a make-over session with friends be sure to clean and dry your brushes in advance (get in some disposable sponges) – as you won’t want to share each others spots!